Friday, April 7, 2017

Update: Saskatchewan nurse fined $26,000 for Facebook complaint about seniors' care

Carolyn Strom, RN

SASKATOON - A nurse who was found guilty of professional misconduct for criticizing the quality of care her grandparents received has been fined $26,000 by the Saskatchewan Registered Nurses Association.

Carolyn Strom of Prince Albert, Sask., was brought before a disciplinary committee after posting comments on Facebook.

Strom said her grandfather spent a week in palliative care before he died, and both he and her grandmother had received ``sub-par care'' in a long-term care facility for many years.

She also issued a call for nurses to do better for seniors, but the association charged she was using her status as a registered nurse for personal purposes and had violated the confidentiality of her grandparents.

Most of the fine will go toward reimbursing the nursing association for the cost of the investigation and the resulting hearings.

A GoFundMe campaign was set up this week to help Strom pay the fine.

“As nurses, nursing students and nursing faculty in Canada, we are deeply disturbed by the SRNA's treatment of Carolyn Strom and wish to show our solidarity,” the page description reads.

“Nurses are healthcare professionals and as such are rightfully held to high standards. They should always act in the best interest of the people they care for. But those standards should NOT include self-censorship and renouncing their right to speak-up.”

Strom is also being required to complete the Canadian Nurses Association’s code of ethics training